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MPT(Mobile Personal Trainer) & MPA (Mobile Physio Assistant)

Randy Clubb

Owner & Founder

Chithar (CV) Mani

Chithar (CV) Mani

Business Tech, MBA

Dani Jacqmin

Dani Jacqmin

MPT, Nutritionist & Cardio

David Pham

David Pham


Lindsay Jane

Lindsay Jane

MPT, Yoga & Pilates

Jorge Borges


Anujan Shanmugalingam

MPT & MPA, Body Building

Quang Hoang


Gogeethan Gumarathas

Service Tech

Katriny Acuna


Dhana Ravi


Ingrid Appiah Roldan

Service Tech

Alexander Shchebelskyy



People have more power than they think to shape their own health destinies. The secret is exercise. As quoted by Dr. Jordan D. Metzl in 2017 Time’s THE SCIENCE OF EXERCISE. EXERCISE IS A MIRACLE DRUG. I’M SUCH A BELIEVER THAT it’s the key to Health, Wellness & Longevity that I prescribe it to every patient I see. Take it often & you’ll live a longer, healthier life. Your medical costs will be lower, you’ll sleep better at night & your workdays will be more productive. Your mood will improve & your risk of developing almost any chronic disease will drop. We now have proof that several diseases respond strongly to exercise. Active people have lower blood pressure, stroke rates & heart attack risk than those who do not exercise regularly. It even affects a person’s risk for cancer. A 2016 Study of more than 1.4 million people showed regular exercise decreases the risk for 13 types of cancer, including breast, ovarian & colon cancer. Type 2 diabetes which costs hundreds of millions of dollars per year & affects thousands of Canadians is both preventable & treatable with regular exercise.
Whatever your age & wherever you live, maximize your exercise ; Get Moving, Keep Moving & don’t stop. You will benefit & live longer !

You need to take ACTION if you want to see tangible results. As losing weight & getting into better shape is work. However our Certified Personal Trainers are ready to guide & help you with HOPE, VISION & ACTION in losing weight & improving your appearance

Clubb Canada’s Home Fitness provides a more planned, hands-on & active approach to weight loss & maintenance. Helping you lose weight & having fun while getting into better shape is what we do !

Clubb Canada’s expert Certified Personal Trainers will work with you to transform your body & appearance. We offer only results, no gimmicks. Our Personal Trainers will help you towards your Fitness Image & Goals :
– Slim down for the summer into a leaner & sexier you
– Follow the progress of your fun workouts with Fitness Reports
– Our Personal Trainer will help educate you about the food you consume
– Follow your progress with Photo Documentation
– Our Personal Trainer will keep you encouraged as losing weight & getting into shape is work – Friendly Certified Personal Trainers will help transform your body & look

Clubb Canada offers 1 on 1 Personal Training or Group Personal Training ( up to 4 Persons training with the Personal Trainer at one time ). We offer this service in the convenience of your Home, Condo, Apartment or Business.

Clubb Canada has a team of Personal Trainers throughout Toronto & the surrounding areas to serve you.

Clubb Canada’s experienced Personal Trainers in Toronto will help you lose weight, get into better physical shape, & build muscle. Clubb Canada provides all fitness equipment for each workout session. You simply provide the space & a willing attitude.


Our personalized training programs will help you achieve your goals and see results faster.  If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, sports training, or general fitness,  we will help you hit the target.

Popular Programs

Weight Loss




Athlete Training

Make a Change

Real People, Real Results

How do i start?

Clubb Canada’s Certified Personal Trainers provide 1 FREE 60 MINUTE FITNESS ASSESSMENT & WORKOUT for all of our first time trial visits. We will discuss with you how to tailor your weight loss &/or fitness goals with a safe & achievable approach. Our Personal Trainers will provide fun & engaging exercise techniques, motivate you & help you reach your weight & physical goals.

programs & Fees

Clubb Canada provides friendly, reliable fitness services at extremely reasonable rates. We provide all equipment for each session. We offer program options & fees as listed above for Packages 2 to 5. If, you have any questions please contact us on our Contact Page on this Website (at the bottom of this Page) or or 416-633-2653. We will then reply to your email or contact you by phoneClubb Canada’s Certified Personal Trainer will discuss your program at your 1 FREE 60 MINUTE WORKOUT & FREE ASSESSMENT


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