TITLE Tactical Catch-N-Return Trainer's Mitts

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Finally a glove made specifically for trainers to work with athletes on offensive and defensive techniques, as opposed to traditional punch mitts. Rugged synthetic leather gloves with fully padded dense foam palm for catching punches like punch mitts, and extra padded glove for working with fighters on their defense at the same time. Professional punch target in palm and wrist with durable shock absorbing foam crafted into the glove for an unbelievable training addition. More than 2" of molded sponge foam in the glove portion allows trainer to throw simulated punches and returns so athlete can work simultaneously on offense and defensive during training. Hook-and-loop wrap around wrist strap allows a firm and snug custom fit for all trainers. Why only work on offensive drills with punch mitts when you can train your boxer on offensive and defensive tactics simultaneously.

Sizes: Regular (S/M), Larger (L/XL)

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