TITLE Platinum Premier Body Protector 2.0

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The Platinum Premier Body Protector 2.0 is technologically advanced with craftsmanship that affords trainers punches, strikes and kicks to the body with virtually little to no impact. Ideal for honing and perfecting body shots and lower body techniques. Use in combination with punch mitts, training sticks, paddles, punch shields and more, to simulate actual sparring. Extremely light weight and durable PVC nylon outer with almost 3" of multi-layer impact resistant and shock absorbing foams. Adjusts quickly and easily to custom fit all size trainers for a no-slip fit, even during intense training. Complete with adjustable waistband, shoulder straps and sponge rubber foam shoulder pads for added comfort and security. Full moisture wicking inside liner for cool, comfortable and dry training results.

One Size Fits Most

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