TITLE Hexicomb Tech Stealth Bag Gloves

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Top quality and craftsmanship bag gloves! Save big because of some slight color blemish on the screen on the back of the gloves!

Hexicomb® Technology is a revolutionary new embedded gel foam-rubber that, upon impact, disperses the shock and reduces the energy force. More than 2” in Infused Foam and entrenched gel foam rubber that is strain sensitive, which translates to the stronger the impact, the more the molecules react, and the greater shock-absorption is transmitted. In addition, air inset pockets help diffuse impact and disperse collision force away from the athlete. These bag gloves are ideal for all heavy bag, punch mitt and double end bag workouts. Full wraparound extra-wide wrist strap with hook-and-loop security for a snug, custom fit. Moisture wicking inside hand liner helps reduce keep athlete cool and dry during intense training.

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