TITLE Fight Back Leather Boxing Gloves

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The Fight Back Against Parkinson’s Leather Gloves are unveiled in a brilliant and stylish design with a genuine, long lasting full-grain leather cover for extended life and extra-long lasting success. Super molded foam technology with more than 2" of performance molded foam over the fist and knuckles to deliver a comfortable, more powerful, impact-resistant core for all the protection and execution athletes demand in their heavy bag training and workouts. Additional integrated foam palm and wrist inserts for more comfortable training and wrist support. Double nylon-weave inset in the upper palm allows hot air release during workouts to help keep athletes cooler and drier. Moisture-wicking inside hand liner helps wick sweat and moisture while training. Extra-wide wraparound wrist strap offers added wrist stability and coverage with hook-and-loop attachment to help keep gloves firm and secure during intense bag workouts. 10% of all sales goes directly to Rock Steady Boxing whose mission is to empower people with Parkinson’s disease to fight back.

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