TITLE "Double-Stuff" Jumbo Punch Mitts

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The Double-Stuff Jumbo Punch Mitts are crafted especially for heavy hitters, power punchers and to reduce the strain and stress on trainers. More than 4.75” of multi-layer inner foams featuring high and low density shock absorbing layers with sponge foam front and back layers for impact absorbency and comfort. These jumbo pads take punch mitt training to an entirely new level! The oversized and overstuffed hitting targets are slightly convex on front which makes these mitts absorb almost all of the impact allowing the trainer virtually a stress free training session! Helps eliminate wrist, palm, elbow and shoulder stress on trainers. Super lightweight to reduce bulk and strain on trainers. Fully padded rear wrist pad with reverse D-ring for a secure, no-slip, custom fit. Padded finger cover offers added comfort, coverage and protection. Exclusive inside palm pocket envelopes the hand to keep it secure and natural without movement. Exclusive Aerovent® finger air holes allow hot air to release helping keep trainers cool and dry during intense workouts. No more sore joints. Double the experience and excel.

Size: 10” x 9” x 4.75”

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