TITLE Classic GEL-X Training Gloves

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Exclusive GEL-X inset lining and molded Infused Foam® forms an unbelievable assemblage of power, performance and protection with incredible results for athletes at every level. GEL-X lining over the fist delivers more than 1” of sponge rubber gel for a custom form fit and impact resistance for all the peak performance you demand for training and sparring. Added GEL-X insets over the wrist, back cuff and palm provide additional stability and support for intense action. Durable performance mesh upper palm insert with moisture wicking hand compartment liner helps deliver cool, dry and comfortable action, round after round. Full wraparound wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure assures gloves stay snug and secure during sparring and training. Brilliant two-tone synthetic leather cover is stylish and durable for extended wear. Discover GEL-X for the most comfortable, form-fitting and intense training gloves at an incredible price!

Sizes/Weights: S (12 oz), M (14 oz), L (16 oz), XL (18 oz)

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