TITLE Boxing Precision Slip Stik

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Now you can perfect the lost art of slipping punches virtually anywhere. Comes with rubber suction cup to stick to mirrors, windows, most walls, etc., to shadow box, practice slipping punches, and bobbing and weaving. Almost 30” length, and 3” width with a rounded fist end ball offers an ideal and realistic punch replica. Extra secure PVC and rubber base with a full length interior PVC tube, durable engineered leather cover and medium density foam offers excellent resistance. Includes a wall mount piece that allows athlete to easily remove the rubber suction cup base and simply attach onto the wall mount for convenient optional gym and home training location. Elite boxers and combat athletes that hone and sharpen defensive skills gain the winning edge. Not for punching, hitting or kicking.
Size: 29” L x 3” W
Ball: is 7” L x 4” W

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