TITLE Adjustable Doorway Hanger

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A simple, superb and dependable option for hanging double end bags, spider bags and other light training bags from any doorway. Simply fit to doorway width, twist the locking spin knob and the hanger is secured and ready for action. Durable rubber grip end caps keep the hanger secure and virtually slip-free during intense action. The Adjustable Doorway Hanger comes with two seatbelt nylon hanging straps with steel O-rings for attaching bags or straps, if needed. The Adjustable Doorway Hanger expands from 29” to 46.75” in length to fit almost any doorway width. Also works great to secure to the bottom of the doorway for use as a double end bag or light bag anchor. Use one Adjustable Doorway Hanger on top of the doorway for hanging and one on the bottom for securing, making your doorway a completely portable workout station . . . in just seconds. Not manufactured for supporting body weight, pull-ups or heavy bags.
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