Mobile Personal Trainer (MPT)

Females & Males

Part-time to Full-time Contract

 Receive $52.50 per FIT Session/Visit.



CLUBB CANADA offers Clients Home Fitness Personal Training in their Homes, Condos/Apartments or Business.


  • You provide the regular Days & Times you are available monthly to train or coach Clients in their homes, condos, etc
  • Create a rewarding fitness experience for your Client. Strive to help the Client achieve their fitness goals in their Home, Condo, Apartment or Business.
  • Provide In Home Personal Training to the Greater Toronto Area using your own vehicle, uber, taxi, transit, mobile phone or computer.
  • Flexibility to work in the morning, afternoons, evening & weekends.
  • We offer 1 FREE 60 MINUTE WORKOUT & Assessment to First time potential Clients. We ask that Personal Trainers provide great workouts & fitness assessments so we may secure potential Clients into regular Clients.
  • Please wear your Face Mask ONLY when asked by the Ont. Gov’t, Clubb Canada or if you are asked by a Clients(s) at their FIT Sessions.
  • Willing & comply with wearing a Clubb Canada T-shirt to all your FIT Sessions. As well as willing to appear in Clubb Canada social media ads periodically on Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • You will be responsible to provide your own equipment i.e. light weights, resistance bands to your Client’s Sessions.


  • Resume with Education, Fitness or Personal Training experience, Canfit or other Fitness Certificates.  Kinesiology & Physical Therapy students of University of Toronto, York University & College are welcome to apply.
  • Current Certificate required stating you have completed a current CPR & First Aid Course or are willing to take Clubb Canada’s sponsored Red Cross (vital) Course $140 at 15% discount of Coruse’s cost $119.  You are reimbursed for your $119 after you complete the Red Cross Course successfully & email Clubb Canada a copy of your Certificate.  Then, you are covered & insured for (3) years or as long as you are working with Clubb Canada.
  • Access to a vehicle and have a Driver’s license & valid insurance.
  • Energetic, physically fit, able to work independently & reliable. A team player, results orientated, self motivated with basic email skills.
  • Organized with excellent customer service & communication skills.
  • The Contractor agrees not to hold responsible or claim any damages or bodily injury against Clubb Canada arising from the user or operation of any automobile owned or not owned by the licensed Contractor.
  • No further gas allowances will be negotiable as it is included to service the GTA
  • Background checks are required for all positions & contractors.

How to apply:

Contact Randy at